About Us

The Scoop On The Jitney


The Jitney was the nickname of a Milwaukee Railroad train that ran from Calmar, Iowa to Cedar Rapids, Iowa carrying passengers, freight, and mostly mail. Co-Owners Erin (Danneman) Cox and Katie (Chapman) Farrowe both grew up in Monticello and loved that the original Jitney brought people together from all over Eastern Iowa. Both Erin and Katie graduated from Stephens College in Columbia, MO, Erin went to New York and then Chicago. Katie took off to Los Angeles and met her husband and Head Chef Angus Farrowe. The three of them decided to throw caution to the wind and with their combined talents open The Jitney Wine Bar. In our name, we hoped to encompass the journey we have traveled and the journey you all traveled to come visit us. So go ahead and take your taste buds for a ride!!!